About Us

We Love What We Do!

The Impact Chiropractic Marketing team is passionate about helping professionals in the chiropractic industry increase their sales & grow their revenues by more effectively marketing online via best in-class SEO, Google Maps Optimization, Social Media, eMail Marketing, Paid Search and other online marketing channels.

“Our sole mission as a company is to help our clients increase their sales & grow their revenues as a direct result of our services. ”

John Wood. Founder.

We care deeply about every single one of our clients and getting the best results possible for them. Their success is our success too.

The Team

We are a small but agile team who strive everyday to offer the best personalized service and results to every one of our clients.

Our Mission is Simple

Our overall mission as a company is to help our clients increase their sales & grow their revenues as a direct result of our services.

Our Core Values

We run our business based on these fundamental values:

We believe good is the enemy of great, and we are here for the long run. The only way we will thrive as a business is to provide results and services that beat our competitors. Good enough is never enough.

To us, integrity is everything. From the way we treat our customers to the ethical marketing tactics we use to help their businesses prosper.

We only use industry-standard best practices to make sure your business can grow now and in the future. John Wood. Founder.

Too many marketing companies will use sub-par blackhat tactics that can damage your website’s online reputation – we avoid these. If you partner with us, the future of your website and business growth online is safe.

Proven Results
At the end of the day, marketing is about ROI – return on investment – aka RESULTS. We know you would be joining forces with us expecting real results that increase over time.

For this reason, we only take on clients that we are confident we can deliver real results to.

100% Transparency
Unfortunately, we take on a lot of chiropractor clients that have been burned in the past by other chiropractor marketing companies.

Most of the time, these clients were spending a significant amount of money but had no idea what the company was even doing or if it was growing their business or driving new patient referrals. We are happy to say no one has said that about us.

We are 100% transparent with everything we plan to do, all the work being done, and the timelines for everything you can expect.

We provide monthly reporting calls with our clients so they can understand the progress that has been made on their campaign.

As we mentioned earlier, we are big believers in integrity, and when we say we are going to do everything in our power to make your campaign successful, that includes making sure you are the only chiropractor in your area that we are working with.

Taking Your Online Chiropractor Marketing to the Next Level

We’re looking for chiropractors practitioners who either don’t have a website, or who have a website that they suspect is underperforming.

We want to partner with you and deliver real, measurable results that will help take your chiropractor business to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.