How To Choose A Domain For Your Chiropractor Website

how to choose a chiropractor domain name

Most chiropractor clinics that are established will already have a website, and you may already have a domain name that you’re fond of. If, on the other hand, you’re just starting a new chiropractor clinic, you don’t have a website, or you’re wanting to choose a new domain name that is more memorable or better reflects the image of your chiropractor clinic, then this guide is for you.

Maybe you already have a few ideas in mind, but some of those domain names may already have been taken or are unsuitable for other reasons. The good news is that with a little creative juice and forethought, you will be able to find a unique domain name that suits your chiropractor clinic that you will be happy to show off.

What is a Domain Name?

Web addresses or URLs typically follow a standard format. For instance, the web address for Impact Chiropractic Marketing is The part after the www. and before the .com is our domain name. This domain is unique to us, meaning another site can not use it – at least not with a .com designation. If you already have a website online, you also have a domain name and a unique web address.

7 Tips on Choosing The Best Chiropractor Domain Name For Your Business

Not all domain names for your business are created equal. Some are cumbersome, too long, forgettable, hard to communicate, and type. Then there are the websites that follow the best chiropractor domain name practices, practices that we outline below.

1. Make It Brandable

There are many factors that go into making a good domain name. But most important is that it matches your clinic’s branding.

“Why are branded domain names a must? Because they’re the online face of your chiropractor clinic. They tell potential and existing patients who you are.”

It would be confusing for someone searching online to come across a practice called “InTouch Dallas Chiropractor” and visit a website with the domain name

In addition, if your domain name doesn’t match your practice branding, chances are your email addresses don’t either. This can cause further confusion for patients and more headaches for you.

So remember that your domain name is a branding opportunity! The right domain name can increase your brand recognition.

2. Domain Name Spelling

You don’t want to get too creative with your chiropractor domain name. Clever, or otherwise strange, spelling choices are confusing to potential patients, who may end up accidentally landing on other clinics’ web address while trying to find yours. If the name you want is already taken, choose another name. Don’t try and use a close variation using a spelling choice that will lose you potential clients.

3. Brief and to the Point is a terrible domain name choice – surprisingly, this is still available to register. We chose this ridiculously impractical name to make a point. Thy web address needs to be easy for people to type into their mobile devices, or they will not even bother trying to go to your site. In addition, you want your new domain name to fit neatly on stationery, business cards, and other branded products. Short domain names are more brandable; people remember them much easier and can type them in quickly using their phone keyboard.

4. Easy to Type Out

Following on from point number 2, you can use punctuation in your domain, but they should be avoided if at all possible. Your patients aren’t likely to remember to add that hyphen, and even if they do, you are creating an extra step for them to take because they now have to use a different keyboard layout on their phone. So stay away from chiropractor domain names like and instead pick something like 

5. Incorporate Keywords

Consider your domain name as a very important keyword that aides in your website getting found online. People looking for a chiropractor may search the following in Google: North Florida Chiropractor.

Those words are considered keywords, and they play an important part in how your website is found. Some people will tell you that having keywords in your domain doesn’t help you get better search engine rankings, but I would say, based on my experience, they definitely still carry some weight and are considered a ranking signal by Google.

Now, you don’t want to go overboard with this. Only use keywords in your domain if it makes sense. You don’t want to keyword spam your domain name. Remember, keep it short, brandable, and easy to type out.

6. Go for the .com

If you discover that the name that you have set your heart on has already been taken, you might think it’s a good idea to register a domain with an alternative extension such as a .net, a .co, or a .info.

There are a couple of issues with this. First, you run the risk of a potential patient entering your domain name and finishing their input with a “.com” out of habit, which will then potentially send them to a competitor of yours. 

“Secondly, .com domains are shown to do better when it comes to getting more beneficial search engine rankings when compared to other domain extensions.”

Finally, .com domains are also seen as more trustworthy and legitimate than many of the other domain extensions available. This may be because it was the first domain extension that became available and one that many people know and have got used to using. 

 If you find that the .com version of your domain name is taken, you may want to go with another name option.

7. Think Long Term Over Short Term

Hopefully, by now, you have found the perfect domain for your business. Great! But are you ready to marry your domain? It would be best if you were because it will be one of the biggest elements that will represent your business and brand for years to come, hopefully.

If you decide to change the domain in the future, it will cost you money, branding, and SEO rankings. In short – it’s a huge pain! So when you’re choosing your domain, think long-term.


While your domain name is important, what’s even more crucial is that you show up in search engine results, regardless of your chiroproactor domain name. 

Some potential patients may try to find you by typing in your website address, but most are going to be looking for a chiroproactor in your location. 

Search engine optimization focuses on getting your chiropractor website to the top of the search results so that potential patients see you first. Impact Chiropractic Marketing is the premier company for chiropractic SEO. See how we can help your business today by contacting us.

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