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PPC For ChiropractorsGet More New Patients With Our Effective Chiropractic PPC Campaigns

What’s the fastest way to attract more new patients to your clinic? Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

These paid online ads, which show up at the top and bottom of search results pages, are the first and last results a prospective patient sees when they’re looking for chiropractor services online. This is true whether patients are searching on a desktop, laptop or mobile device. Paid ads at the top of the page are what most patients see.

Properly done, PPC advertising and paid search is very effective and can get your phone ringing within weeks. You can start seeing and helping more patients right away.

What Is PPC?

When someone searches on Google, they are shown two tiers of results. At the top of the page are the paid PPC Google Ads. Below them are the organic search results.

PPC literally stands for pay-per-click. When someone clicks on your ad, you pay a small fee. The more competitive your industry or keyword, the more you pay.

“One of the biggest benefits of PPC for chiropractors is that it can be set up extremely fast, and deliver top Google positions tailored to your business goals within hours.”

Running Google Adwords can be a great supplement for organic search engine optimization (SEO) in the short term, as SEO can often take several months of consistent work to achieve the best results.

Get Consistent, Targetted Patients Inquries

Chiropractor PPC campaigns can also be an extremely targeted method of attracting new patients. For instance, campaigns can be set up to target people within a 3 to 5 mile radius of your clinic who are searching for chiropractor services. Imagine how many more new patients you could reach!

The key to a successful chiropractor pay-per-click campaign is to hire an expert that knows the chiropractic industry and knows how to maximize your PPC campaigns potential.

You see, Google rewards PPC ads that perform better than others. That’s why you want trained professionals maintaining your campaigns, to keep your advertising costs low and your ads consistently performing and bringing in new patient leads.

Google is always seeking to provide the best quality ads and deliver the most relevant results for their search users. What is a quality ad? For example, a person who is seeking to get active release therapy is much more likely to respond to an ad that that has those keywords in the headline or description because it is targetted to their problem. The more clicks you get, and the better your ads perform, the lower the clicks cost you.

Benefits of PPC for Chiropractors

As we mentioned earlier, if you have a brand new website or a site that has never been optimized for SEO before it can take some time for stable organic search engine results to appear, so a PPC campaign is the ideal way to get targetted visitors to your chiropractor website while you’re waiting to gain that organic search authority.

PPC is also a low-cost method of lead generation. For example, if you are spending $12 per click and it takes 10 clicks to land a new patient, you are only paying $120 per new patient. How is that for ROI?

Another notable benefit of PPC campaigns is that it can be very quickly launched and can start to bring in prospective patients within hours. Using a PPC campaign while waiting for the organic search engine listings to appear organically is a smart strategy for chiropractors who are looking for a well-rounded search engine marketing campaign.

Fact: Businesses accrue an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google AdWords spend on Google AdWords.

3 Other Key PPC Benefits

In addition to the above key benefits here are three other ways PPC can help chiropractors book more patients:

1 – Local Brand Awareness

The goal for search engine marketing is to get the highest amount of visibility you can for your clinic on Google and other search engines using keyword combinations that are going to bring in new patients. PPC is a great way to quickly raise the awareness of your brand to prospective patients in your area.

Even if users don’t click on your ad initially, they will still see your name at the top of the results, and it will make an impression on them.

We typically recommend that our clients who are already finding success with their PPC campaigns continue to keep them active even when they have good organic rankings because it gives your clinic twice the visibility on the front page of Google.

2 – Rapid Keyword Value Assessment

Chiropractor PPC offers a great way to quickly test which keywords are going to be of value to your clinic and drive new patient inquiries. You can get instant feedback the moment you launch your campaign to see how well it is performing including knowing how much you are paying per click and how well your ads are converting into new patient inquiries. You can also optimize your campaigns at a moments notice and quickly create ads for new procedures and products.

3 – Attracting New Patients

It’s no secret that delivering organic search engine results can take time to achieve. Meanwhile, a high-converting PPC campaign can be quickly launched to drive qualified new patient inquiries to your site.

A PPC chiropractic campaign also gives you the ability to not only attract patients from your immediate area but also entice people from other specific areas that may more suit the demographic you are trying to draw to your clinic thanks to its granular targeting capabilities.

Why Chiropractors Struggle With PPC

In our experience, there are a few reasons why chiropractors either avoid trying PCC marketing or experience difficulty making PPC work for their clinic:

Not enough time. Most chiropractic schools don’t teach much in the way of digital marketing for chiropractors and how to run effective PPC marketing campaigns.

Most of the chiropractors we work with just want to focus on helping their patients and trying to learn the intricacies of running an effective PPC campaign isn’t something they typically have the time to learn.

Not enough money. Typically chiropractors also don’t have the budget to hire an in-house digital marketer, so they struggle to know what is the best way to drive forward their online marketing efforts and grow their business.

If you are planning on running your own campaigns, it’s important to understand there is a learning curve. Many chiropractors who run their own campaigns typically spend more per click than necessary.

Optimizing PPC campaigns is an ongoing process and requires patience and time to see the best results. We, unfortunately, see many chiropractors spending way more than they need to on their PPC campaigns.

7 Common PPC Mistakes Chiropractors Do

Here are six mistakes we typically come across that can severely impact your PCC campaigns:

  1. Unengaging, dull ad text that effects your clickthrough rates.
  2. Ad text that doesn’t correspond to the landing page you are sending people to. If visitors to your site are confused or don’t find what they want quickly, they will look elsewhere.
  3. Not split testing your campaigns on a consistent basis to keep them optimized.
  4. Not focusing on call to action prompts in ads to encourage viewers to take action on your ads.
  5. Not limiting where your ads appear based on location. If you arent targetting the right locations, you could end up spending lots of money from people outside your local area clicking your ads.
  6. Not tracking calls. If you aren’t tracking your calls, you are missing out on a key piece of information about how well your online marketing campaign is performing.
  7. Not using modifiers on keywords resulting in ads showing up for unrelated search terms that searchers then click resulting in wasted money.

These are just some of the main mistakes we have seen chiropractors do with their campaigns. There are many more tweaks that should be done to further optimize a PPC campaign to maximize patient inquiries and minimize click costs.

How Our Team Can Help With Your PPC Marketing

PPC advertising can be one of the easiest ways to grow your chiropractor clinic if done right. Our team fully understands how to navigate the PPC landscape to deliver quality ads that get results.

We have created high yielding PPC campaigns for our clients that have generated more than 100 new leads in only a few short months. Can you imagine what 100 new leads a month would do for your business?

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